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1) RMAP Meeting Minutes

Meetings: September meeting at the go-kart track is now complicated, 12 people must attend. Nathan to send email to remind people of event and to RSVP and register online
Roman to discuss leadership changes as of January. Roman to be MAL, Nathan to Pres., Chuck would move to V.P., membership needs to vote on Treasurer position, Secretary position
Proposed committees: Track Event Committee, Auto Show Committee

2) October meeting sponsored by Ford: 10/20,  Location TBD (Red Rocks, Golden, Niwot  (colterra), coordinate with AMS)

3) Treasurer’s Report:
Bank balance about $6000
What do we want to with the $2000 from the previous organization? We must do something to benefit membership as a whole

4) RMDE 2011
Outstanding: Ford, Kia, Audi
Sara and Emily to get together and resolve

5) Awards
Create an award account to maintain funds for prizes.
Ask Bob Sweeney for suggestions of how to recognize David Adams($500 for a one-off thing).
Also, would there be an internal David Adams Annual Service award appointed by the board. We would like it to come back and relate to RMAP in some way. Annual Service Award, journalistic excellence and include a $250 and continue for three years. Members nominate fellow members in good standing.
RMAP Excellence Award: Members can enter submissions (written over the course of the previous 12 months) that will be judged and winner will be awarded $500 and announced at the holiday party. Criteria will be discussed and announced in October, November 1, 2011 deadline.
Next year we look into sponsors

6) Holiday Party
Budget $3,000
Venue to be selected, do we have entertainment? Comedy Works?
One member may bring one guest
Request holiday party committee at September meeting
Awards presented at party
Next Meeting

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